People suffer from complicated physical issues for which they require proper treatment and medicines. USA med review provides the complete set of information about drugs, their use, safety, storage, side effects, precautions, and other relevant information. This portal gives users access to drug information along with information on all aspects of the drugs that are prescribed in the United States of America.


A steady increase in the consumption of medicine was reported in the United States. Various reviews stated that a majority population of the USA is using and buying medicine online. Medicine use in America has continued to rise with about 5.8 billion prescriptions filled in a year. 2018 felt a gain of 2.7% over the previous year. Here when we are finding a continuous increase in the sales of medicine at the same time it was also found a continuous drop in the opioid prescription medicines, which was estimated at 43% since their peak in 2011 and 61% in case of dangerous and powerful opioids. The medicines that have gained recent popularity and showed their growth 2 times the growth rate of other drugs are specialty medicines, their use has been growing 5%, and currently represent 2.2% of volume.

In the United States, cardiac diseases and malignancy (cancer) although are the leading cause of death but there are a variety of other medical conditions that are not contagious and life-threatening but people from all walks of life suffer from them. These medical conditions do not take life but distress the quality of life of a person too much. Let’s have a closer look at the stats of the population over the medical condition of the United States of America.

  • Pain-related to physical problems- 50 million people
  • Chronic pain-related issues- 9% of the population
  • Stress condition -77% of American adults
  • Panic disorder - 2.4 million people

As you can see from the above stats how these medical conditions are engulfing the population slowly and steadily. These entire medical conditions also have adverse effects on the body. Along with these medical conditions a large proportion of the US population of about 16 million adults suffers from depression and other psychiatric disorders. Migraine problems are also very prominent among Americans and about 12% of the American population suffers from it, in the majority of women. If we calculate an average medicine survey it is clearly understood that psychiatric disorders medicines are much sold, on a comparison with others. All of the medical problems discussed above do not cause death but are still efficient enough to disrupt normal social and personal life.

The generic medicines section will get you updated more on generic meds available in the USA. Let us first completely understand what generic meds areas have become quite popular because of their cheaper rates. The pharmacology properties and effects are the same as brand name drugs. Although they are copied form of the original medicine but are no less in quality. Branded drugs and generic drugs share the same use, dose, precaution, side-effects, risks, mechanism of action, and administration route but differ in price. Generic drugs are way cheaper.

It is believed a lower cost of these generic drugs might not end up showing similar results and effects as it shows in the case of a branded one. But the valid reason behind their lower cost is because they are not invented but copied. The invention of the drug cost millions of dollars and thus branded meds are comparatively costly.

This section will cover prescription meds review of the drugs in the United States. Prescription drugs are a class of medicine that requires a valid doctor's prescription to be dispensed. The reason why certain drugs require a prescription is because of the presence of controlled substances due to which they are at a higher risk of misuse, drug abuse, addiction, and serious side effects. In the USA controlled substance act has been passed to regulate the manufacturing, importing, positioning, use, and distribution of controlled substances. Medical physicians having a license are only allowed to prescribe any controlled substance.

This section will cover non-prescription meds review in the United States. There are n numbers of medicines available in the market that can be purchased without a prescription; that even don’t require any prescription to buy. Many non-prescription medicines are easily available online and can be purchased without any issues. The information covered under this section will show all the information concerning medication that comes under non-prescription medicines. The status is allotted to them by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of the United States. These medications are used to cure very basic medical conditions such as colds, coughs, headaches, etc.

Where to get online medicine

There are various reputed pharmacies available online through which you can buy a variety of medicines online at a lower cost, with a prescription or without prescription as per drug category. Although you can take medication on your own if you are well aware of that medicine but it is always recommended to take medication only under doctors' knowledge because some drugs might cause addiction, abuse, tolerance, dependency, serious side-effects. Drug interaction is another reason that can happen and can lead to serious consequences. Tolerance against a specific dose might lead to overdose and escalating the dose as per your needs might even cause death. Safe and secure medication will improve any physical condition, and that's why one should be very careful with their drugs.


No matter what kind of conditions you are in, you can always buy medicines for physical and mental illnesses. A doctor helps to detect your disease clearly and prescribe you the safest drug. As a result, such approaches are the best when you want to treat any physical problems.